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    Exclamation [Suggestion] Disable user ability to change slots pr. default


    Okay, so I am a supporter on a hosting site, where you can rent TeamSpeak 3 servers.

    One thing I stubled upon, was my ability, to change the slots of the server, if I were Server Admin.

    Luckely, the control panel we use, give us the option, to delete this function, but we have to do this manually.

    So here's the deal; could you please remove this user option, because it really sucks when a customer can buy, let say, a 12-slot TS3 server, and when he has used his admin token, he can change the slot to what ever he wishes, like 100, 150 or a 1000 to be insane.

    ... Or is it just me, which have misunderstood the whole thing?

    *Logon your TS3 server*, right click the top name, usually what you've called your server, click "Edit Virtual Server", change the "Maximum Clients".

    The way I understand this, is that if you have changed your "Maximum Clients" to 100, even though you only bought a 12-slot server, you can now have 100 people on your server - correct?


    So okay, this is awesome for the user and customer. But it sucks for the hosting company. Can this please be fixed?

    Best Regards,

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    In our FAQ, we're providing a customized defaults.sql file with recommended settings for ATHPs. I've attached the latest version of this file for you.

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