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    [Solved] Error TS3ANetwork::Connect failed error: 10022

    Hi everyone, plz excuse my poor english...
    The question: after copying my test server (that is working perfectly, with a non-profit license) to the remote "production" (LOL) machine and starting that one, I receive this error:
    TS3ANetwork::Connect failed error: 10022
    Unable to connect to accounting server
    Server() error while starting
    Without the license, the remote TS3 server works with no probl, limited to 32 clients.
    Googlin' around (using google... I mean ) I found some info, like to open port 2008 to let the server to communicate with "home", and other tricks,
    but none of these was useful.
    I guess that my server can't communicate with (as I read here but the machine can ping that address...
    I need help, can anyone do? (poisonpanik,where r u?)
    ty, Mauro

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    One more time I'm starting to think I'm silly.
    An issue due to firewall rules. The port 2008 was blocked, an "auto create rules" setting solved the problem.
    I'm sorry. Bye, LostSoul

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