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    Lightbulb [SUGGESTION] Channel log

    Hi, i am administrator in one gaming portal and we provide TS3 server. We are creating private rooms for people on demand. And there is one problem. If we create room to someone, and he will use it only for short time and then he decide to stay on other ts3 server or move on other client, we can not to know when he was last connected on his room. Now we have circa 200 rooms and maybe 100 from them will be never used again i suppose.

    Can you add to room info one column for example
    "Last Client connected: DD.MM.YYYY HH:MM:SS"

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    you're absolutely right. 2 points i'd like to mention
    1) you can let everybody login with a "tag" and the tag is also in the channel. you can see the last connection to the server of a person. (thats our method in TS2)
    2) see the last connection is not very useful. you could just connect for two seconds. it woud be better if you could see the traffic of this channel!

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    that's right... traffic could by usefull

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    I agree. I would like to see most of the logging for clients be put on the server log, with the ability to option them. There is a log tab for virtual server editing, but apparently it logs TO CLIENTS and not the server log. All I see in the server log is mostly connect/disconnect messages.
    I have the need to log chat messages and room enter/exit, kick messages, ect. to be stored in the server log like it was for TS2.

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    I agree

    It is really good idea

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    Such a feature has been requested before and won't be included by the developers.

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