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    [Suggestion]Bookmark Icon Dropdown

    I've been meesing around with various toolbar setups to make joining a server more comfortable/easier.
    What i've really been missing on the toolbar bookmark icon is that you can only open the bookmark window and not connect to a server (preferably in a new tab) via dropdown menu like in the bookmarks textmenu.

    I think adding this capability to the icon wouldn't take much work but improve the UI considerably since most users will be connecting via Bookmarks anyways.

    Just to illustrate how I thought this could work :
    Attachment 3209

    Any thoughts on this?

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    The point of the toolbar is to reduce the number of clicks required to reach certain functionality. Having a toolbar icon to open the bookmarks is understandable, because normally it takes 2 clicks to open that window (Bookmarks > Bookmarks), but to reach the listing of servers where you can connect, you only need 1 click already. So, imho, this isn't really necessary.


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    The overall functionnality of the button wouldnt change,
    1 click on the button and the bookmarks window opens
    1 click on the arrow at the side of the button and you can choose which bookmarked server you want to connect to without having to open the bookmark window and later closing it again.

    I totally agree that the funcionnality is already implemented in the text menu, however why should this only be limited to the text menu.
    Imho it would greatly improve the usabilty of the bookmarks feature since you can position the toolbar whereever wou want it but the text-menus are fixed

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