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    [PluginSdk][processCustomCaptureData] no sound played

    I'm trying to a soundboard-like app, but i'm stuck with the plugin SDK. Namely, the "processCustomCaptureData" function does not play anything(neither for me as expected, nor to the server which it should), but none of the functions return any error. What am I missing? Here's the code I think is relevant:


    ps, I can post more code on demand

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    Hm, I for one don't see anything wrong with that snippet.
    A complete, compileable example might speed up things indeed, also since the usage of custom devices in the pluginsdk context is a rather rare, which makes this case quite exotic.

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    Oh well... while refactoring the code to make it presentable the answer struck me. You have to call ts3Functions.closeCaptureDevice(connection); before opening your capture device, which is in the docs, but somehow i slipped over it. Thanks anyway


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