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    Solved [Solved] Acer Aspire 7730G - Password bank / fingerprint sensor problem

    i have a problem with my Acer Aspire 7730G. I do not know if this bug is reproducable or just a single case. I am using the build-in fingerprint sensor to store some passwords in a storage (called "Acer Bio Protection").

    Now to get to the bug: Every time i edit a channel i receive an error from the password storage printing "Password Bank Settings - Mitglied nicht gefunden" or translated "Password Bank Settings - Member not found". Then i have to click away the error and click the ok or apply button within teamspeak again.

    I am using Win Vista 32bit and the latest server and client versions (both versions 32bit). I am not quite sure if this problem occured with the latest releases but i think so, though it might have occured one or two releases earlier.


    EDIT: While having the control panel or system settings of Acer Bio Protection open this bug does not occur, but 2 or 3 edits after closing the panel it's there again.

    This is no big deal at all, just a little bit annoying, but it is no real handicap

    EDIT2: This is also the problem when creating a channel or sub-channel, so to say in the channel modifying window in general, when i save or apply something
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    Try running the TS3 client as an administrator to correct your problems. Right click on the Shortcut and select Run as Administrator.

    Is the server on your machine? If it is, I think the problem is that you have it under a protected directory like Program Files that requires you to have Administrator rights to create directories. Move the Server to another directory like C:\TS3Server where you won't have a problem with Administrator rights.

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    i nearly forgot about this thread. The hint with the administrative rights worked, i now do not get any error messages while editing or adding a channel.

    btw, the ts3-server is hosted on a linux server and not on a local machine. Would be interesting though if this could get fixed as the problem appeared with one of the releases between 15 and 20 i think.

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