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    What do i give ppl to sign in...

    I've used TS Client before, however the server side is nw to me. I installed Teamspeak 2 server, and seems to be workign fine, when i log in a superadmin. That beign said, where does one fine the info that i give people to sign in? How does one change that info it need be. I guess what I would love is a set of instructions on what to do after set up to get people signed on. Including where I find peices of info. Any help here would RULE

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    This is a TS3 forum and I will assume you mean TS3. There is no username/password for TS3 It's all based on a unique ID that each client ID gets when you create an ID in the client.

    (looks like this CHosD2yXxRA8CT2jnIVHeSkRflE= )

    You can put a password on the server if you'd like but the clients cannot login using a password of their own, only a server password if it has been added.

    Take a look at the officail video tutorials and if you still have questions please come back and search the forums. Should you not find the answer to your question after searching, post in the appropriate forum and the community will do our best to quickly answer your question.

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