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    [No Bug] Complains ot Complaints?

    Not a bug really, just a spelling.
    The complaints list reason will say "has 1 complains"'
    should be "has 1 complaint" or if more than 1, "has 2 complaints"
    "has 1 complaint(s)" would be acceptable if you didn't want to code for it

    I don't think it matters much to change the permissions and the database field name.

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    This is british english. We used British english for whole client.
    But you can create your own translation file from BE to AE.

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    Actually what SShaadd said is correct in any English
    complain is the verb
    complaint is the noun
    You can check it on this British online dictionary here:

    On Tools - Complaints - Reason column, it should be "has 1 complaint(s)" and not what we see now "has 1 complain".

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