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    Question [Function] Save all Files from File Browser

    Hi guys,

    just a few questions. Is der a function in TS3 to save all Files from the Files Browser in extra Folder? If there is no function maybe some1 can create me own, just like dumping every minute all new files from the folder 'files' into a new folder e.g. 'dump'

    Thank you in advance.

    ~ Giswald

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    To your first question:
    Just right click on the folder you wish to download > Download all

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    The Server should save all files in a special folder. If I am not online i cant download them. Maybe some1 can develop a plugin for the server.

    ~ Giswald

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    So what you're trying to do is download files from a TeamSpeak 3 Server without using the TeamSpeak 3 Client?

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    No. I have a running TS3 Server on my Linux Server and Linux should make a cope of all uploaded files. Not my TS3 client.

    Maybe just a backup script is needed?

    ~ Giswald

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