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    Yeah sad to see someone not looking deeply enough through the possibilities of TS 3 and then saying this and that is missing. But ScP turn on the light here! I hope BreeOge did not spread the word about the "missing" features (bad facts) to far.

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    This thread is made of so much fail and win its hilarious. I play on a TS3 and a Vent server for 2 guilds. (One MMO the TS3 one, and one FPS/Casual for the Vent). I find the TS3 to be better when it comes to administration and general handling.

    I will be fair though. If you have used Ventrilo for a while and ain't very tech saavy I can see how you would have a hard time understanding TS3 settings. What Ventrilo offers is very basic and "old fashioned" compared to TS3, but it's much simpler. By simple I mean its more the "standard" people are used too, and most people are sceptical to learning something new and prefer something they know and feel "safe" with.

    I am currently going to change server provider. Consider going from Ventrilo to TS3 with my Casual community. Not sure yet though. I am still waiting for someone to answer me on that "Lowering all other applications" plugin thread before I make the final choice. If that shows up...I am sold

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