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    Push to talk with mouse

    The problem is, i cant bind my mouse buttons as push to talk - button. I could assing the extra mouse buttons to other keyboard buttons, and set them as pushtotalk-key, but that takes the point out of having 2 extra buttons in my mouse. So can you please fix the system so it recognizes the extra buttons on my mouse, like "Mouse key 5" or something, just like Ventrilo regognizes them.

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    Other users have bound PTT to their extra mouse buttons. Verify you have the most current software for your mouse. I can't speak to what mice these users have used but I can bind buttons 4/5 of my Logitech MX510 w/ no problems.

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    You can also bind a key to the mouse button that is associated with the button you use now on your keyboard if you cannot get the mouse buttons to assign themselves. This is what I do for my TS.

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    it recognizes my 5 button mouse no problem. logitech g5

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