Wow, I have waited so long for TS3 to come out and hoped it would be everything TS2 and Ventrilo were and more. However I am MAJORLY disappointed in the features of TS3 vs. other chat programs. I am a big MMoRPG fan and for the longest time Ventrilo has been the voice chat of choice due to its features. One big feature for MMoRPG’s is the ability to hide channels from guest users. This is needed because some of your PVP games such as Darkfall Online, people will try to log onto a Ventrilo to see how many people are coming to attack you. Not being able to hide channels hinders the use of TS3 in games such as this. Also, another big FLAW in TS3 is the fact that ANYONE can impersonate anyone else, NO saved usernames at all. I know TS3 security is done per IP or Computer; however when you have NO SECRUITY per passwords, per user then every tom dick and harry that has multiple computers and multiple proxy servers can keep coming into your TS3 server to see who is logged in ECT. I can hear it now, well put a server password then they can’t log in. Well a server passworded server has a HUGE and I am talking black hole in outer space HUGE flaw. In the case of MMoRPG’s one person can join your clan, write down the password and then pass that password around to his entire friend list that is your enemies. Then they are all free to log in at will and have fun talking, and seeing who is logged in. Then you say oh just change the password, well that is not very practical when you have to give the password out to let’s say a 100 people. Over 80% would not get the password, and well in Darkfall you don’t have time to be screwing around with giving people a password when you’re getting your butt attacked.

I had really hoped that TS3 would blow the pants off of the other voice communication programs on the market, but it didn’t just fall short it fell off into a deep unused hole in space.
To make TS3 viable for the MMoRPG market it will have to have Per User Passwords, and the ability to totally HIDE channels below a dedicated Guest channel.
Other than those 2 BIG flaws TS3 I believe can be a great Voice communications program and has great potential. But until they fix these issues, Ventrilo will still be the voice chat of choice for hundreds of thousands of users.

Please don’t think of this post as a RANT, please think of this post as a MMoRPG Players review for the vitality of TS3 vs. other chat programs on the market.