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    [Solved] Use SDK 3 callbacks in C++


    I'm currently trying to move the C client example over to a C++ class but I face some problems- The C example runs fine.

    My problem is related to the callback functions which im sure is either not defined in the correct place for propper initializing and use of struct.

    I have declared these in the class as class variables.
    struct ClientUIFunctions funcs;

    Following is placed in constructor.
    /* Initialize all callbacks with NULL */
    memset(&funcs, 0, sizeof(struct ClientUIFunctions));

    funcs.onConnectStatusChangeEvent = onConnectStatusChangeEvent; ...etc.

    Is this correct or do someone have a small example i can use ?

    The problem that occurs is during runtime when i connect. All seems okay but the connection to the server is not seen on server and application terminates (CTD) short after.
    I'm sure it is related to the callbacks and the struct.

    Appreciate any feedback to get me moving.

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    Ha, problem is solved :-)

    Turned out to be password fail that prevented the client to log in.

    So the class is working after all


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