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    Me again...

    Quote Originally Posted by Screech View Post
    Couple things I say about the identity: export it and store it.
    Done. But there are few things every dev should consider while programming software:
    - design should be intuitive
    - user is on first place

    As a network admin, programmer etc. pp I know what I'm talking about. There are so many users which WILL save their ID's, but also state:

    "I've formatted my disk"
    - "Did you save your ID?"
    "Yes, was on that partition"

    It's a nightmare to have multiple accounts in Database. Also the whole ID thing makes for me 0 Sense. I can create a new id in less than a second, do annoy others which would ban me, create a new one, and the whole thing starts again... Whats the point with that ID??

    Quote Originally Posted by Screech View Post
    I store mine at an online storage site that is easy to get to without having to install any software where I'm downloading it to. If I were to put it on a ext storage device I would use some encryption software on it or at least in a passworded zip/rar file.
    Jip, a solution, but only to state my position:

    1. User is on first place
    2. So many complicated solutions

    Quote Originally Posted by Screech View Post
    The new system is much better than the old one in almost every way
    Jip, formatting is cleaner and faster than repair.

    Over 99.98% of services are authing against user/pass.
    0.02% are tokens, vpn, certs, etc.

    Teamspeak as one of those 0.02%? Sorry, its a Voice Server, not a high security service...

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    1. User is on first place
    Exactly! No need to register, no need to pick a user-name and a password. TS3 is much easier for a user, he just starts, connects to a server and if he gets any permissions they "stick", no need to even think about registrations and accounts.

    2. So many complicated solutions
    How complicated? Say I am stupid and format my computer without backing up data, I go back on my clan TS and oh no, I am no longer in the Member group. No problem though, I ask the clan leader to fix it and pronto all is good again. Since formatting your PC without backing up your data is not something you are going to be doing once every week the minimal overhead for the admin to give you back your rights should not be a problem (it doesn't happen that often and only takes a few seconds).

    Sorry, its a Voice Server, not a high security service...
    Why can't it be both? TeamSpeak has a long tradition in attracting wannabe cracker/scripter kiddies that try and disrupt servers or the experience of other users. Using a dictionary attack on passwords of TS2 admins is a pretty effective way to get privileges since - who are we kidding - its "only" a voice server, no need to come up with a good password...and the door is open to disrupt the TS life of many users on that server. I don't say that the more secure way TS3 handles has ONLY benefits, BUT i think overall the new system is easier to use in addition to being more secure.

    PS: dante says I should close this thread now, so thread closed.
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