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    Are Server Query connections added to total users?


    My question: is a TeamSpeak 3 BOT counts to the total number of online clients? Sometimes I see 513/512 users online. Is it because of the BOT, or gametracker / tsviewer...etc? Is it possible that my server will shut down because of too many clients hosted if I set max clients to 512? I have usually a full server. (
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    Is it a difficult question?

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    We don't have bots running so far. But I can tell you, that the TS-Viewer does NOT count as a login. If I create a server and I create a TS-Viewer for it, it's still 0 persons logged on / 1 person, if I connect on it. I think it has to do something with the server query

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    ServerQuery don't count as a real client and so it's possible to see more then max slots on your server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    ServerQuery don't count as a real client and so it's possible to see more then max slots on your server.
    Thats cool, i thought it took up slots.

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    This is what I was told early on, by Ralf.

    The server query serveradmin shows as a connected user when you "use #"
    on a virtual server, does this user count against the max users? If the
    server is set to a max of 5 users and there 5 clients connected will the
    serveradmin user be able to "use #" on that virtual server?

    if you got a limit of 5 users, you can connect with 5 users and 5 queryclients
    you can also hide the queryclient, i will get the doc guy to explain that in
    one of the next updates.

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