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    Smile Values

    I was studying the permissions of TS3 ... but I'm not understanding what you mean the values that are being employed in each permission, has "1" "75" ... someone can tell me this doubt?

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    Depending on where you are looking at this that 1 could mean a few things. If you are looking at it in the permissions menu (i.e. PERMISSIONS->SERVER GROUPS) you have permissions that have checkboxes and then you have permissions that require an integer. The permissions that are checkboxes show up as a 1 or 0 in other places when you look at the permissions overview of a client.

    The 75 is the default server admin group value. Anytime the SA adds a new permission to a group that requires an integer it will automatically be added at 75. Of course you'll need to adjust this if you do not wish the group that has been given this permission to have a 75. Some permissions like ban time or max idle time have integers that stand for the time in seconds. Other permissions such as avatar file size or icon file size are file sizes in bytes.

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