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    "Token" manager. ?


    hello. ... Q. Got a new rented server today. And apparently made some mistakes entering my main "admin" info - main username, and password. Do I need to obtain a New "Token" .. to edit these elements. ?

    (Or, what. ?)

    Whatever help. .. Much Appreciated. Thanks.


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    I am assuming you were the one communicating with the host. If you used your admin token they gave you to get setup you will need to contact them to get another one. Tokens are a 1 time use item and once you use them they are removed from the database.

    TS3 does not use usernames/passwords to access the server. You can set a server password but individual users do not use passwords. All your permissions are tied to your client ID's unique ID code (think of this as your strong password)

    One you use the token it will place you into the "Server Admin" server group which will allow you to edit nearly ALL permissions. There will be a few that will be set for the admin server query (you host) and most likely the host will not give you the server query password. You don't need this for most administration of your server.

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