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    [Suggestion] add possibility to specify filespath and sqlitedbfile locations


    It would be grate to have the possibility to configure the filespath and sqlitedbfile location as command line parameters too.

    Right now our current server setup looks like that all the data, that the server creates or manipulates, is stored in a separate directory next to the servers install directory. In order to achieve that right now, I created soft links so that the server is able to find the sql database and the files directory.

    Separating the data from the installation itself makes the backup process so much easier.

    It also simplifies the upgrade process a lot.

    I'd love to see a possibility to specify these two parameters too.

    PS: This is a duplicate post since my other thread in the wrong board didn't get any attention:

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    then you should change into mysql table, then you can just run anywhere, and you can be sure the data is definetly proper

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