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    Arrow Icons: Badges, Ranks, Awards, Quests Completed

    This post has been deleted by the author.

    Thanks to the user who replied below, we found out that our suggestion wasn't needed and that TS3 is already capable of performing the tasks we desire.
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    I don't know if they are going to do this, but an easy way around your problem is to assign groups to each person. You can set up a rank system, and anything else you want.

    Go into Permissions and then Server Groups and create new groups with your specified attributes. Then assign icons to those groups to associate what person has achieved what goal.

    For example,check out the attached file and see how I have my group listings set up.

    You could also set up Channel Groups and give permissions to the channels based upon their level of achievements.

    I know that it sounds harder than what you are talking about with them making icons around the name, but for right now until TS3 gets out of beta, I doubt that they will do something like this.


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    Wow, someone sure doesn't "update" their server.

    Since Beta16, the server has the ability to "host custom icon pack"

    As to having the icons in front of the user could be sometimes hard to read (especailly when there are people already loving adding tons of symbols in front of their nicks.

    Anyways, as to the icons, it is layered like this as follows. (from left to right order)

    [channel group icon (1)][server group icon (as many as you want)][user specific icon (1)]

    So, yeah, you can use this to your benefit on how you want your icons to be displayed.

    Go update!

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