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    "Loading image" / "Failed to parse icon ..."

    Hi there,

    I have the following problem:
    I have just switched my OS (to Win7 32bit Ultimate - but this bug was already occuring with Win XP) and therefor had to reinstall TS3. I copied my identity and connected to my server and now I see almost no icons avatars anymore.
    (I was already missing several avatars with my old client, but now I see almost none).

    Serverversion: 3.0.0-beta22 [Build: 10724] (latest version, no update available)
    Clientversion (on XP & Win7): 3.0.0-beta20 [Build: 10723] (latest version, no update available)
    Errormessages: "2010-04-19 21:47:17.293945 Warning Failed to parse icon filename for icon id"
    "<22:24:51> file not found"

    If I reupload the icons or if the user reupload their avatars, then I can see them.
    I've already heard from some users that they couldnt see some of the icon - which I usually fixed by reuploading them (pretty nasty way).
    I've checked the directory /files/virtualserver_1/internal(/icons) and all files seem to be present (the name checks out with the value in "i_icon_id" as well).

    This issue was already occuring with the server versions beta 20&21 and client versions 18&19.

    Does anybody know why this keeps happening?
    It appears as if the users joins the server for the first time after the images were uploaded, then he cannot see them. But if he used to be online before they were uploaded, the users have no problems seeing those images.

    BTW: I couldn't even see my own avatar -> "loading image"

    Is there anything else you need to know?

    Another weird thing: I tried delete my "loading image" avatar and got the message "<22:41:49> file input/output error"
    "2010-04-19 22:41:06.582031 ClientUI Warning Error, avatar md5 does not match. Cannot display image.
    2010-04-19 22:41:54.642578 UIHelpers Info Supported image formats: *.bmp *.gif *.jpeg *.jpg *.pbm *.pgm *.png *.ppm *.xbm *.xpm"

    The file is the following:

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    Ok, I have found out a few things about this problem that might help you.

    First know, that all images on the server including Icons and avatars are cached. Even off site images that are from the users such as images that they use the [img]URLtoIMAGE[/img] tags.

    First try to go into Settings, Options, Security and click on Clear Cache. You only have to check the Clear Cache option and hit ok. See if this solves your problem.

    If it doesn't, then I can walk you through manually to delete out your cache for the files. It is not an easy walk, but it can be done.

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    Thanks for the fast tips/help.

    Unfortunately they didn't help and I forgot to mention that I already tried cleaning my cache.
    Besides it was a clean installation of TS - so the cache was empty before I "first" connected to the server.

    When I clean the cache I see the icons reloading (disappearing and reappearing again), but only those which I already saw.

    But I haven't tried cleaning my cache manually yet.

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    Ok, to clean your cache manually, exit TS3 client and Go into Windows Explorer and go to this folder:

    VISTA/Windows 7 --> C:\Users\{UserName}\AppData\Roaming\TS3Client\cache
    XP --> C:\Documents and Settings\{UserName}\AppData\Roaming\TS3Client\cache
    Change {UserName} to the username that you are logged into.

    You will see remote, and another folder or folders that have wierd names to them like mine is TlNaLzE1dWs4T2VNelJEeG5aL2xUU2x4aHRzPQ==

    If you don't see remote, that is fine, but if you do still see the remote folder, you can delete that folder completely.

    The other folder or folders have 2 sub-folders and a file called perm.dat. Do not delete these folders out, or the perm.dat file. Go into the Clients folder and delete out the files that are in there. Go into the Icons folder and delete the files in there.

    Reload TS3 and see if that worked.

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    Mhm, I don't know about your system, but at mine the directory did not exist.

    On my system TS3 is saving its cache in another directory:
    E:\Program Files\TS3\config\cache

    The rest was as you described it.

    Did it. No change. (As it was expected)

    Since the cache was clean in the beginning (I think I covered this part now) the problem has to be somewhere else. Maybe the "failed to parse" error gives you a little hint to the problems cause.

    Let's get back to some amateur's (I mean me!) assumptions:
    When Icons get uploaded to the server, they get converted into a special format, right? (I went to the server's directory and checked if the files are still there, they are, downloaded them, but I cannot open them - never could, not even in the beginning. Renaming doesnt help so it has to be another file type). TS3 has an image handler if I'm not mistaken. My guess would be that there's an error with the image handler or that the image handler's process was changed during the last updates (that would be a question for the devs). So if images were uploaded with an older client, they were converted differently. Using the same older client the icons & avatars were downloaded, reconverted and cached. I updated the client and server and since the icons/avatars are cached, I can still see them even though I have a newer version. But if I install the new client and dont have a cache of the icons/avatars, then I won't be able to see those that were set with an older client.

    Could this be the cause of the error?

    Ok I just did a little test.
    I still have access to the WinXP partition, including the TS3 client.
    So I copied the cached files from my XP TS3 Client into my Win7 TS3 Client and voilá, all images are shown again. But this isn't really a fix since a new user doesn't have those cached files he can use. So the issue still exists.
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