So, I open upon TS3, and the normal enter username, server, etc field are distorted as in random chunks of characters just aren't there. This screws up steam so I cannot see any text or anything to click on for any interactive display/buttons/server lists. On top of that, from the moment I open TS3 until I reboot it also messes with Windows default programs such as defrag, task manager, and system restore in the same fashion. I have confirmed through testing, rebooting, reinstalling, uninstalling, repairing OS installation, etc, that it IS undoubtedly TS3 causing the problem. However, I can still connect to the server I use, but my voice becomes all sorts of distorted and broken up (just like all the text displays). Is there a fix to this short of not using it ever again?

P.S. When I mean distorted I mean like typing this sentence as below, or just not having it exist, or replacing characters with random nonsense characters.
(Note _ is actually just a blank space)

P.S. W__n _ ___n d_st____d I _ea_ __ke t_p___ t__s s__te___e _s _e___, _r _u_t n_t ______ _t _x___, _r r___ac__g __ar_c___s ___h _an__m _on___se c_ar__ters.