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    Rafter Guest

    Question File transfer Quota system

    If I set fil up-down quota to max 50MB and the quota is used up by a client. How do I reset that client's quota so he is able to up-down(up to max 50MB) files again?
    I know i can go into Users Permissions and possibly raise that single users Quotas, but that is not the optimal solution!

    Can someone explain?

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    June 2008
    There are 2 ways to do it.
    1. As you already said, with permissions
    2. Edit the database

    I don't see the reason, when you set a quota and then you want to reset it.
    Why you don't allow to up-/download more in the beginning?

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    Rafter Guest


    Thank you for your answer.

    Let me try to explain why.

    The quota-system is there for some reason, to be used. Lets say my user didn't know where the max limit was, and he just used it all up in one day. Then it means he can NEVER upload again. Not even a tiny little .cfg file with 2kb file size.
    Lets just say I want my users to be able to up/download only small files, txt aso. Then I limit the quota to 1MB. But it is easy to use up if you up/download a .pdf file.
    The user didnt do it on purpose and I want to give him new quota. How?

    Where does the user see how much of the quota he has used?

    If the way to use it just is to set the limit very very sky high, why have an quota system at all?

    Thanks for your replies

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    Yes, there should be different upload/download quotas for single files and a period of 1 week/month maybe and a seperate quota how much space one user may use on the server.

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