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    External clients cannot connect

    Hi there,
    I have just downloaded the latest beta version of TS3, installed it on a server in my own LAN, and run it. It works fine on the server, I can connect to both server query and TS on the standard port 9987.
    When attempting from my personal pc it also works if I use the internal IP.
    However, even with the tcp port 9987 forwarded, neither my own computer can connect, or anyone else outside when using my external IP.
    LAN loopback works fine with other services such that I from my own machine can use my external IP to connect to them such as FTP, TS2 etc.
    Is this a permission problem or what?

    (Note that I am no beginner at networking related tasks and computer administration in general)
    Got it!
    Port is UDP 9987, not TCP 9987!
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