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    Microphone doesn't work

    I use Teamspeak the first time now and i wonder why i can't speak to other people. I have an headset (which works very fine on other programs) and a laptop webcam with integrated microphone.
    When i click on "options" --> "record", i see the sound options. but when i go on "test language" (??), the scale moves only between -22 and -19 and doesn't react when i make noise. ok - now i pull out my headset. now the scale stands still at 20, doesn't move. when i quit and return to options, the "record device" (??) field show me that there's only an "invalid device". when i put in the headset, the "high definition audio gerät" appears. the program doesn't reconize my laptop microphone. what can i do?
    greets... answer me in english or german, please... i'm sorry for my bad english and the bad translations, i have the german version.

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    Please try another caputure mode. You canfind it under Settings > Options > Capture.
    Sometimes hardware can't work with direct input or windows multimedia.

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