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    [SUGGESTION] Channel Subscription Depth

    Maybe there is a way to do this and I am not seeing it.

    This is my Idea. I want to create channels for all the available PC games out there, over 8600 and I do not want to have the client subscribe to all the channels at once when they login. Just the first level of channels in the group.


    PC Games Section
    ...Games Starting with # (Stop Subscription here until clicked on by client)
    ......Game #1
    ......Game #2
    ...Games Starting with A (Stop Subscription here until clicked on by client)
    ......Game #1
    ......Game #2

    and so on...

    Is there a current way possible to do this? and if not, can we bump this for a suggestion? Say putting in a permission for Channel Subscribe Depth?

    My other projects that would require this is The Bible online and be able to discuss certain scriptures. Having a Bot that would change you to a channel that has your City so you can talk to local people. And Many more.


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    The depth level is currently just client side so each client can configure what they want to see and not see. I'm not sure how you could do it with the current permissions.

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