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    Some Assistance Required

    Hi All

    I am admining a server and for the life of me I can't figure out the permissions which is hardly surprising if you know me.

    Anyway firstly I have channel admins granting themselves server admin access. What is the setting I need to change to prevent themselves from doing that?

    Secondly I would like to create another server group called supervisor and take away the ability for the supevisors to grant SA access. I am having troubles with the integers. How do they work.

    Also which parameter allows will allow the new supervisor group to access all channels?

    Any help would be appreciated

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    just create a new supervisor group with powers lower than the needed_power of the SA group and higher join powers than the needed_join_powers of the channels.

    Generally you can access/modify any value if your power is equal or greater than the needed power of another group or channel. If you would like to prevent overwriting of the server group permissions by client settings or channel groups, just activate "skip" behind the power. The permissions will be checked from left to right.

    Works fine for me, hope I'm right about this.

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