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    Question Speak permission on volume based?

    Hi everyone,

    I got an question about permissions but not really speak permission.
    Dont know how to call it tbh.
    Its more like an option or setting for if the first one that press the button to speak, that the rest in the group his volume is going to 20% so you hear what the person that press the button first is free to talk till he releases the button.

    Maybe a weird question but i was wondering it.

    Greetings Mike

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    Have you looked into the PRIORITY SPEAKER function?

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    Yes i did but what i more ment is that if i have 20 users in my channel that there is always speak priority to the first that pressing the push to talk button.

    not that i have to give everyone speak priority but that the server it gives automaticly to the one that pressed the button.

    I hope i explain it right :S

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    It would be nice if it could be done by a group setting, like a priority number, and then by order pressed. Say, you have one group that outranks the other, and during the meeting let's say 'high rank' person and 'low rank' person try to talk at the same time - 'high rank' person gets the priority. 'low rank' person can talk as long as nobody else/group has a higher priority number. The current priority speaker function requires that it be done manually, which can be tedious for meetings with large groups. Not only that, but you may have situations where a person designated to assign priority speaker may not be doing the job or has temporarily left, or isn't logged into the server, ect.
    So, yes, automation of this would be nice.

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