hello first time,
should I have the following problem I am also not sure whether this belongs in, it does not belong out here then I apologize.
about the following,
I have a root server as I had TS 3 BETA 21 on it (Linux)
on my server is debian lenny on it.
I wanted to update this morning on TS3 BETA 22nd
I have also made.
after that I wanted to start my TS again and have the following entered
start ./ts3server_startscript.sh
(Now it should start even prop)
but I got error message following
ts3server.pid found, but no server running. Possibly your previously started server crashed
Please view the logfile for details.
Starting the TeamSpeak 3 server
Teamspeak 3 server started, for details please view the log file
./ts3server_startscript.sh: line 98: 9103 Bus Access Error "./${ BINARY NAME) "$ (COMMANDLINE_PARAMETERS)> / dev / null
the bold marked bother me much, unfortunately I do not know what to do with it.
can you help me??

PS: it was translated with Google, sorry for grammatical errors