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    Unhappy Server lags, robotic voices! pls help

    hi, first of all sry for my bad spelling, im german!

    im posting this couse my friend who is the server admin has no internet at the moment.

    we have a 40 slot ts3 on a debian rout. with the latest beta version.

    we have been having strange laags lately. from time to time, the entire server lags and everyone hase robotic voices. normaly this happents only to clients when they have a bad connection. but this has to do with the server i think. becouse they all laag. and you cant understand a word of any person. then after 30s to 1 minute it stops and its ok again!

    my friend the admin looked at the logs, and there arend any packet lots or high cpu loads of the server, everything seems to run well. even the host provaider says that there is no problem with the connection.

    what is this, we already copied the ts3 to another vm, still no change. we even gave him more priority. nothing

    its like when someone has a bad connection and you only hear half of what hes saying. now its like that, but for all ppl in the channel. its a wow ts so sometimes we have up to 25 clients in one channel. i already changed the codecs. nothing!!

    and then there are the random disconnects! sometimes the entire raid leaves and joins like 20 times.

    what could this be??

    any ideas.

    if you need any logs tell me, so i can get them!

    thx and later
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    in general the robotic voices are because of a slow connection. Have you tried lowering the quality of the codec being used or lowering the codec itself?

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    i tried changing to all 4 codecs, and changed the quality to 2,98 kib/s no change!

    mabe our rout is to week. heres a link to it

    i read in a thread that the more clients the more bandwidth you need. so mabe the server has to less upload or download to handle the amount of clients.

    like i sayd we normaly have up to 25-30 clients on the server, and they all have diferent dsl speeds. so mabe that tares the server down.

    but like you can see at the link, the server has a 100mbit upling, isnt that enough??
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    Your server should have more than enough power to run a TS3 server, however, seeing as this is a full blown root-machine, I assume there are other applications (most probably gameservers?) running on your box.

    If those additional applications are traffic intensive they might be the cause of your voice quality problem.
    You could also check if your server displays any ressource warnings but I seriously doubt that with the machine you mentionned there would be any problems hardware wise. The limiting factor seems to be the bandwidth. I suggest you monitor your bandwidth usage (preferably on a day with many users on TS and whatever else is running on the machine).

    On a sidenote : filesharing and downloads via TS3 or HTTP and FTP-Transfers might also cause temporary bandwidth shortage.

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    ok thx i'll check that out. but we have no gameserver on that mashine, only websites!

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