Hi ScP,

the TS3 Server is Version 3.0.0.-beta29 [Build: 12437].
I tested the Framework Version 1.1.3 beta and a few seconds ago also Version 1.1.4 beta. Both are giving me back that error.
By luck I noticed together with my TS-Server Admin that we only get that error if the server is not empty. If it is empty everything is displayed fine but when someone has connected with his client we get that error.

I already noticed that the files from my first posting are not responsable for the problem. But the file from my last post (/libraries/TeamSpeak3/Node/Abstract.php), I'm pritty sure, is. When I cange the echo of the error into something else I get that new echo.

Tnaks for your help!

PS: I really love what I saw already (ok it was just the channels on an empty server). Even the custom channel and group icons are visible and it's much faster than the other ts viewers out there.