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    By that I meant I don't know the server's pass/IP/ect... I haven't been able to get into to it yet to set a name, but typing my own IP on different computers doesn't seem to work too well.

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    OK, start with this post and see if it doesn't answer some of your questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaldemious View Post
    Ok folks with the amazing help provided by Poisonpanik, my Teamspeak 3 server issue have been solved!

    As I've seen with scouring the forums and net for a solution, many of you have had the same problem as I was having. You've downloaded the software, you've read and or watch the installation videos a million times, and probably load, deleted and reloaded the programs a million more.

    Port Forewarding..??!?! say; been there done that. You've checked so many times your router wants to know if you're its' proctologist. And still with everyting you try you still get:

    Trying to resolve hostname localhost
    Trying to connect to server on localhost:9987
    Failed to connect to server
    Trying to connect to server on
    Failed to connect to server
    Trying to connect to server on
    Failed to connect to server

    Well guess what, you've probably done everything correctly and are half way to Teamspeak 3 happiness and don't even know it!

    When you first execute the Teamspeak server software you get the screen with your admin name, password and token key information. You save that data to your notepad as it tells you it is only printed out once. Make sure that your router is set up for the port forewarding:

    port range 9987 -9987 UDP
    30033 -30033 TCP }
    10011 -10011 TCP } These are used for data transfers primarily

    After you have ran and saved the ts3server_win32 (or 64) program, you need to either keep it open or you can close it and start it up again. This is the program that acts as your server! Everytime you want to start your server you have to run the ts3server_win32 (or 64) program and keep it open! Then you can active your Teamspeak client program and put in your localhost/ or whatever your IP adress my be for your computer.

    When Poisonpanik showed me that I was like WOW..all those hours of sweat, tears and headache for some little BS thing like that!

    Well I hope this solves the problems anyone else who has been having a hard time getting their Teamspeak 3 server up and running. I know it did for me; just stay with it the program is well worth the time and effort. It'll make you say Ventrilo what???
    Ok, what if I have done all this, and I can connect with my computer's internal ip address, but none of my friends can connect to my server from their houses using my external ip address?

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