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    [Solved] Bookmarks Menu not keeping changes

    I've deleted a few servers from my bookmarks and when I close/reopen the menu they are back. I've sorted things in the menu only to have them go back to the way the were as well. Not that I find it to be a huge deal but it's kind of annoying when I delete 4 servers only to have them reappear or when I rearrange things and they go back to the original.

    Client beta 20
    Win7 x64

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    Maybe stupid question, but do you click "OK" or "Apply" after editing/deleting in Favorites Menu before closing it?
    AFAMK its only saved when you hit these button(s).

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    I always press APPLY before I click OK. OR maybe I didn't.... I just did it again and it worked correctly...

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    I'll do a test or two and experiment around with it later.

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    I mark this thread as solved. It seems, that there is no bug.
    Reply, when this happens again and give us a how to reproduce.

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