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    [On Todo] Application Scanner not detecting Steam

    My Application Scanner is not picking up the application Steam or Xfire. Seems to of only happened once I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 x64. I have made sure they are ticked in the application window, I have unticked and reticked it, but nothing seems to make them show up in the applications running section.

    Everything else seems to show up fine (as far as I can tell) it's just Steam and Xfire

    I am running Teamspeak Beta20 build 10723 (latest version currently).

    Any ideas?

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    It seems, that Steam only appears on Windows XP.
    I wrote it down into our bugtracker.

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    Another bug with the app scanner that has appeared in recent builds. It is not detecting Microsoft Office Excel. The older builds had the windows_binary set to "EXCEL.EXE" while the recent builds have "excel.exe". I've edited the apps.ini to have the upper case windows_binary and it is again working.

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    Steam was removed from app.ini, but ticket stay opened

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