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Thread: TODO List

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    TODO List

    Hello guys,

    everytime I have an idea or suggestion for TS3 I have to search the forums whether someone already proposed it or if it's maybe already on the TODO list.

    Now, this TODO lists gets mentioned several times, mostly by Dante696 telling us that whatever has been requested is on that list.

    So, where can we see that list? Does TS3 have something like a bugtracker/suggestion tracking site.

    I am specifically thinking about something like the Arma2 community is using at DEV-Heaven to keep track of all the community projects (

    Some site and interface to easily track and submit bugs and suggestions.

    Best regards.

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    Only Developers and some testers have access to that list.
    When I write it's on Todo, then I mean it is planned and written down into our system and the developers won't forget it.

    Have a nice Day

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