Usually when I want to bring any program forward/above any other window that is currently active (browser, explorer), I double click the little icon on my taskbar (next to the clock). All software I use (xfire, antivirus etc.) use a single double click to bring their windows on top. Which sort of seems to be the "standard" behavior. Teamspeak however minimizes its window again, whether it is active or not. So I actually need to double click twice on it to bring it back on top.
I'm not talking about the "use double-click to activate" feature. I'm talking about different behavior of the window. Just a little detail, but it would be nice bringing the same standard to Teamspeak3 as well. Or at least, it seems to be a standard to me. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Did a thorough search in the software but couldn't find any option to select the behavior I wanted.

Awesome software, keep up this great work