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    [Spelling Error] & ServerView Message Suggestion

    Version: 3.0.0-beta21 [Build: 10957]

    Spelling Error (English)
    The text message for continuous transmission, is spelled wrong on the Options/Capture window.
    Continous Transmission
    should be
    Continuous Transmission

    Suggestion for server messages In the ServerView section of linguist.

    The following messages get displayed on the server chat log many time during the course of a connection
    rewording the text of these two messages can save some transmission and log traffic.

    Old<08:20:24> Channel group "%1" was assigned to "%2" by %3.
    New<08:20:24> %3 assigned Channel group "%1" to "%2".
    7 characters less

    Old<08:20:24> "%1" switched from channel "%2" to channel "%3"
    New<08:20:24> "%1" Switched channel "%2" to "%3"
    13 characters less

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    Continuous will be fixed.
    Channel group "%1" was assigned to "%2" by %3 won't be changed we think it's good as it is.

    "%1" switched from channel "%2" to channel "%3 will be changed to "%1" Switched from channel "%2" to "%3"

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