Here's what I saw happen in my logs (I happened to be watching in real time).

"Queen Dalida" switched from channel "Apautan" to channel "Team Fortress 2 (TF2)"
Channel group "Guest (207)" was assigned to "Queen Dalida" by Dark Hand of Valor.
"Drax" was moved from channel "Officers" to "Team Fortress 2 (TF2)" by "Queen Dalida"
Channel group "Guest (207)" was assigned to "Drax" by Dark Hand of Valor.

These people only have 1 server group each:

Server group Allies(Queen Dalida)

i_client_move_power 10
i_client_needed_move_power 20

Server group DHV Officers(Drax)
i_client_move_power 40
i_client_needed_move_power 40

So basically, this shouldn't of happened as far as I can tell. Not sure what else to check, but right now, I can't find any other rights for any of them. Also, the channel "Officers" that Drax was moved from, has a join power of 30, which Queen Dalida doesn't even have so can't enter the channel...