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    Exclamation Auto AFK Channel w/ Hosted Server


    Before I receive the wrath of the TeamSpeak forums, I have searched the forums and the web for a solution for this problem, after finding none - my post:

    I have a TeamSpeak 3 server that is currently hosted by, therefore I am unable to get "behind-the-scenes" and installed a TeamSpeak 3 Bot. However, I still need a feature for my server that will automatically move inactive users to a specified "AFK" channel after 10 minutes of inactivity.

    Now, I have seen that this is not a feature the devs will work in (no idea why really, it's a great feature) and I have seen some say that a Bot is needed? I contacted GameSpeak and they are willing to help me host one depending on what is involved in it but I have no idea even where to start.

    I just need this feature working on my server and I need help on how I can get there. Any and all feedback is appreciated.


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    RE: Auto AFK Channel w/ Hosted Server

    there is only at this time to my knowledge the bot there i use the java bot not really that hard to use only a few files that need info your going to have to work with your provider on this as u need to have it set up on there server or have access to the port and a server query login i run one BUT i use the serveradmin user and pass not certain on how it would work with there servers as im not certain if you have access to use server query

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    I use the JTS3ServerMod with a simpel SA Account and it works fine.

    I suggest you create a new identity and put it on your Server in the SA group.
    Then create a ServerQuery Login under Tools and this SA-Query-User should be able to move the idle users.
    (i prefer this because i often use query and create a login in this way and if you do that, the old account (password) will be changed).

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    Here is the list of TS3 server bots:

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