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    Angry Max users in channel...


    We had a problem with the channel hitting max users and then muting the whole channel. I know there must be a way to increase the amount of users in 1 channel to the max amount of users for the server.

    We had 100 in channel and it muted, server is set for 250 max users, so were well within the limit.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Chaser,

    Actually you should be able to set the number of max clients for a channel to unlimited, if you right click on the channel name, then edit channel, and at the bottom you click on "more".

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    the thing that happened is actually a design by teamspeak you can have the channel set to allow 250 ppl but the server will mute a channel when it gets to 100 users in that channel to change that you need to be a server admin right click on edit virtual server and select the more button in the "Misc" tab at the bottom under the label of Priority Speaker the top value is what controls this change the "Min clients in channel before silence" to a value greater than the "100" default and it should solve the problem also i have not tested this but you may be able to use "-1" as the value which would define infinate amount of clients in a channel that would give you no problems

    hope this helps you

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    Thx for the info guys.

    I'm shocked you understood my explanation tbh I am one of the server admins so ill attempt to set the max users to the server max (250), but just in our main CTA channel.

    Thanks again for your help, Iím sure this will work.

    Kind Regards


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