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    Insufficient Permission Modify Power

    Hello all,
    I'm very new at this, so this may seem stupid.
    I'm am a member of the Server Admin group and I'm trying to edit some permissions and I'm getting this error "insufficient permission modify power". After reading I have learned that I need to be a Query Admin, but I have no Idea how to make my user a Query Admin.
    All help is greatly appreciated.

    Here is an image of what I'm trying to grant.

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    You need to add yourself or a 2nd identity to the admin sever query group. Here is the server query command for this

    servergroupaddclient sgid={groupID} cldbid={clientDBID}

    servergroupaddclient sgid=16 cldbid=3
    error id=0 msg=ok
    sgid for ASQ is 2 and clidbid is your client database ID. To use server query go to TOOLS->SERVER QUERY

    In the box type

    login serveradmin {password}

    servergroupaddclient sgid=2 cldbid=3

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    Note, this will only work, if you host the server yourself of have the serveradmin password.
    If you got the server by thirdparty (no whether if for free or renting) you have to contact your hoster and ask him to set the perms for you.

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