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    Problems with making a server

    Hi, i hope some1 is able to help me for i checked all information i could find and still dont succeed in making my virt. server.
    I downloaded the windows server and after connecting filled in the token but it kept on saying that i had the wrong token. Then i threw all away and started anew. Now i cant even connect. I tried with "localhost" and also with my IP-adress filled in, without a password and with the nickname and port. I also tried to connect to somebody elses server with his IP and password he gave me but same problem. This is the message i get: <17:04:52> Failed to resolve hostname 'serveradmin': Host not found
    <17:05:11> Trying to resolve hostname localhost
    <17:05:11> Failed to resolve IPv4 address for 'localhost'
    <17:06:44> Trying to connect to server on
    <17:06:49> Failed to connect to server.

    Pls. help me for i am leading a guild who wants to be able to talk. Thanks

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