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Thread: Whisper list?

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    Whisper list?

    Is there a detailed guide to set up whisper list. I am an admin of a cop and robbers RPG. This is how my teamspeak is set up


    -Cops and robbers
    --Home Channel
    ---Public Lobby
    Member's lobby
    ----Gang room 1
    ----Gang room 2
    ----District A
    ----District B
    ----Chief Ringdahl's Office
    ----Capt. Bittle's Office
    ----Lt. Office (Available)
    --Community Meetings
    --Away from keyboard

    __________________________________________________ ___

    I want District A officers and District B officers to have to communicate through dispatch. But i want the district A officers to be able to communicate through each other and not through dispatch. Every time i do this the people in the other channel can't hear me. Nobody has been able to get it right. Can someone explain to me how to?

    Thank you much!

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    in build 10723, both parties have to be able to see each other for a whisper to be complete. This is probably why other people can't hear you.

    In the next build, you'll be able to whisper to people without both parties seeing each other.

    Whispering has also been overhauled and you'll have to re-do all your whispers anyway so i'd suggest waiting.

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    Thanks zero! Do you have any idea when the next build will come? I am sure i can find it, if i looked hard. but i am a newbie to these forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    I just can say, the current changelog has 148 new lines and the release is planned within the next days.
    It will be here shortly.

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