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    Solved [Solved] Problems staying connected

    Lately i have gotten a big problem, and i hope you guys can help me sort it out

    When i try to connect to my usual TS3 server i end up in the lobby on the server. (wich is correct)
    If there are people on the server and inside the lobby channel, i can talk to them and hear them for some seconds. After that i reconnect to the lobby room again. And the whole thing happens all over again.
    I am kind of stuck in the lobby room, i cant switch channel, or see other people on the server in other room. I have tried to hit that "glance into all rooms" button, but nothing happens.

    I can connect to other TS3 server and chat away fine, no problems. The problem is for this one server only it seems.

    What i have done:
    I have uninstalled TS3 from my system.
    Cleaned out TS3 files from the register.
    Did a virusscan (found nothing)
    Downloaded the latest TS3 version from this site (beta20)
    Installed TS3

    When i start up TS3 the probleme is still there.

    One thing that makes me wonder, when i clean out all TS3 files from the register, it dont remove everything it seems like. I have like 4 different servers installed as bookmarks, and they are still there after a register clean out. Why do they not go away?

    Btw, i am running TS3 on Windows 7 x64

    Hope any of you guys can help me.....

    Cheers Ivan

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    It seems like the new update sorted out my problems....


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