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    echo, not what you think....

    ok. here is the story, i have a logitech gaming headset, and for some reason i hear people being echoed (at same sound level).

    now i know it is not that person (as no body else get's echo from that person) and it only happens to that person.)

    note: i have looked on google, and searched on forums...

    note: it is on my side.

    more description:

    person A (me)
    person B (listener)
    person C (emitter/talker)

    C talks -> B & A gets his/her message
    A receives echo, B does not.
    B talks -> B & A gets his/her message
    A does not receive echo.

    ps: ( i sometimes do echo for them, but that is because my mic records the sound)

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    Sounds like you echo everybody, but it seems that user B screams.

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    so. anybody found anything? this is really getting on my nerves.

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