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    [Suggestion]Delay + Retry Times for auto-reconnect?

    As we've all known, TS has a nice auto-reconnect feature

    so when a user disconnects, the client automatically tries to re-connect to the server.

    This is a good feature, but a bad one at the same time, especially when there is no delay for each retries.

    In other words, once a client attempts to make a reconnection, and it times out after for like, 5 seconds of no data recieved, it'll tries to connect to it again, as if it is HAMMERING the server to death.

    Imagine a server that suddenly recieved a lag spike, and lost like 400 users that were originally connected on it. That's 400 connections attempting to hammer your puny comp every 5 seconds. I'm not sure how powerful your PC are, but I'm sure most of the normal comp cannot withstand this kind of hammering, and not to mention the amount of traffic jam it'll create during this time.

    I'd suggest that placing a 30 second delay (or customizable time) for each retry would be a pretty reseasonable time.

    And also, another option I'd suggest is that instead of unlimited retries, the connection should stop after for like, 10 tries of unsuccessful attempts. Especially with the combination of the 30 second delay above, that'd mean 5 mins of retrying ... and if you still cannot connect to the server, there's a pretty good chance that there's something wrong with the server or your network, and shouldn't try to reconnect again.

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    Uh, the connecting to the server shouldn't hammer the server any more than already connected users talking in bandwidth and processing. What they could do is implement a random stagger so if 400 users drop off at once, so they arnt all similtaniously reconnecting at the exact same time interval.

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