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    Installing the latest beta - problem

    Today I got a message that my client was too old for a server, so I tried the update option via the client itself. No help there since it re-installed the beta20 client...
    So I went to the TS website and downloaded the beta20 & 23 to be sure.
    Now the problem: I can't install any of the betas.
    I always get this message:

    Error opening file for writing:
    C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\tsclient_win32.exe

    I already tried redownloading, uninstalling TS and re-installing, nothing worked. The update option in the TS client itself still tries to install beta20.

    OS: Win XP Prof SP3
    (so it's not a "run as admin" problem)

    Any help?
    (yes, I checked the forum for any sollutions, found none that helped me.)


    I figured it out myself. A system reboot (combined with a bit of HijackThis) was needed to fix this.
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    Could you please explain what you did? A friend of mine (and obviously other people on the forums) have the same problem.

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    Well, all I did was trying to reinstall, even with those errors I had. I just ignored them all. Then use the update option in the TS3 client (Help -> Check for Update), it will install the beta20, this time without any errors.

    After that, do a system reboot, start TS3 and it will finally give the notice there's a new update available, but this time it's the beta21.

    I also used HijackThis for myself to fix some minor errors I had on my system. This shouldn't really be needed to solve this problem (on Windows XP Prof SP3 that is).

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    Have you checked, that the client isnt running in taskmanager?

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