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    Solved [Solved] Channel codec duplicate permission (beta23)

    Found a little description bug, nothing critical or that would change the world
    In permission window, "Channel->Modify" there is 2x "Modify channel codec" (-> screen1).
    If set to display the permission name instead of description its shown correctly (-> screen2).

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    [Bug] Channel codec duplicate permission (beta23)

    Channel ---> Modify

    2 duplicate entries (modify channel codec).

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    I have seen this, it is only a visual glitch, the first one is the original modify channel codec, the second one should be called something like "modify channel codec latency/delay". If you set it to display the permission name instead of the description you should see more clearly

    Thanks for reporting it, will be fixed with the next version.

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    Dont want to bother, but this "bug" is only fixed for Server Groups.
    Any other layer (clients, channels, channel groups, channel client) still display "Modify channel codec" 2x.

    PS: Master Peter has a new avatar?
    Looks very nice, better than the old one.
    Reminds on the cover of C&C 1 (Tiberian Dawn)

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    this is fixed, atleast with the build i got :P

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