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    Unhappy insufficient client permissions


    i installed Teamspeak Server on Windows Server 2008.

    For first time, all was nice, then, from one to another minute, i get this in my teamspeak viewer:

    Code: 2568
    insufficient client permissions (failed on clientlist 13688/0x3578)

    You can see it on our Page: on the left side.

    I have open all ports and get the rights on this strings:

    serverinfo - Retrieve virtual server information - b_virtualserver_info_view
    channelgrouplist - List channel groups - b_virtualserver_channelgroup_list
    servergrouplist - List server groups - b_virtualserver_servergroup_list
    clientlist List - clients online on a virtual server - b_virtualserver_client_list
    channellist - List channels on a virtual server - b_virtualserver_channel_list
    version - Retrieve global server version - b_serverinstance_version_view

    Can anybody help me?

    Thank You.

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    The error tells you where the problem is...

    Code: 2568
    insufficient client permissions (failed on clientlist 13688/0x3578)

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    Is the error message correct?
    Permission 13688 is "i_channel_subscribe_power".

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