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    [Solved] Server port issues

    I have forwarded all ports between 5420 and 5430 UDP/TCP to my IP. (voiceport) and 30033 and 10011.
    I can connect to my server using local IPs, however when I try connect (not locally) it does not seem to work.

    Can someone else test this out for me please? I am getting no errors on Terminal.
    Details are: and port 5425
    no password.

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    Your IP don't answer with ping request !

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    June 2010
    Server was offline, could you try again please? Will be on for next 12 hours+.

    I tried pinging too, seems problem there. Going to check ICMP to see if that is a problem.

    Done, Ping is now pinging!

    So, try now to see if it works. I still cannot connect through IP. I can only connect locally.
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    Just connected, works.

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    Thanks for that, seen you join then ^^.

    Glad it works Wasn't working when I tried that IP to join but it seems to be fine :P.

    Guess next thing is to sort out my slight lag.

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