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    [suggestion] save ini file through updates

    Impliment a feature that KEEPS the changes you saved to your default_speech settings ini file, even if there's a update.

    If you're like me you edited your c drive > programs > TS3 > sound > default_speech > settings ini file so that the text to speech isn't so long. (eg, I know what sever and channel I'm in, I don't need TS saying this everytime someone joins my channel)

    However, with each patch, the file seems to be reset, now I need to go back in and edit and save it again only to have it reset in the next patch.

    I'm glad that they are working on making TS better, but please impliment something so I don't have to go back in and change the file with every update

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    They change it all the time because they edit it often to make sure that everything that is spoken is logical and to the point. Also, new sounds are added etc...necessary to overwrite the file (I may be false).

    If you edit it, save it somewhere else on your hard drive and when beta22 comes out update the client then overwrite the new ini with the one you edited and saved on your HD

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    The correct approach would be to copy the default ini and edit the new file as a new soundpack. New files won't be touched by the updater. Perhaps adding some button to clone soundpacks in the client might make this more obvious.

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